David Rosenmann-Taub

David Rosenmann-Taub drawing in his studio
“For me, there is no separation between poetic activity, musical activity and drawing. One could say that I write in Spanish, in music and in drawing. If I were to play with the terms: I draw with words and I write with drawings. Each type of work has its own law and I use the means that fit best what I want to express.”
[David Rosenmann-Taub: interview by Beatriz Berger, Poeta en tres dimenciones, Universidad de Chile, 2005]

As in his poetry and music, David Rosenmann-Taub penetrates to the essential in his drawings. Confining himself to the rigor of black and white, he achieves his effects with minimal means: pen and ink, chalk, charcoal, pastel. Although at first his manner may appear realistic, close examination reveals that he transcends surface reality.

His drawings take many dynamic forms, but the majority focus on physiognomy: a vast and varied gallery of portraits. In each, Rosenmann-Taub captures not just one biographical moment, but the whole predicament inherent in the individual’s existence. The enigmas of these lives are fathomed — intimate feelings, unresolved contradictions, dubious compromises, irreparable mistakes. These beings, stripped of all masks, lay bare the human drama.

Commentaries by the Artist

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