David Rosenmann-Taub



POESIECTOMÍA (Poesiectomy)

1992. Pencil on paper. 33x22 cm.

[This portrait was selected by the author for the cover of his book Poesiectomía.
As is the case for a number of others of David Rosenmann-Taub’s drawings, we are using “he” or “his” throughout this text for convenience, but this figure is neither masculine nor feminine.]

The word “poesiectomía” is a neologism created by the author, “ectomía” (ectomy) being a suffix that indicates the removal of a part by surgery.
In this collection of verses the author performs an operation by means of poetry. He intends to cut through reality, to open and reveal it in detail. This endeavor requires a sharp analysis of oneself as well.

His neck appears lacerated by life’s events. It looks skinned and somewhat transparent. He knows what existence can be like: he has seen through it, and he has seen through himself.

Nevertheless, despite serious concern, he remains poised, closing his eyes to concentrate more deeply. The low, dark eyebrows emphasize the effect.

He moves forward, vulnerable but determined, while his wounded neck offers the solidity of a pedestal.