David Rosenmann-Taub



EN EL SECADOR (Under the Hair-dryer)

1984. Ink on paper. 7x12 cm.

An equivalency between vegetal life and animal life. The flow of air plays with a thinking tree absorbed in its own concerns.

The submission of the hair resembles the experience people have when they fall under the sway of power: they do not consider whether they want to participate in a plan that imposes its law.

A situation of chaos leading to a particular order: the purpose is ultimately to discipline this snarled mess, to create — it is hoped — harmonious styling. Seduction may ensue.

The volume of the head is perceptible, but closer examination reveals that underneath the strands of hair there may be nothing — no matter, just space. Does a pondering mind exist here? One that tries to make sense out of a tangled state of affairs? Or is there only emptiness?

Her shoulders and her upper chest seem caught in a cyclonic swerving. The thin, vulnerable neck brings to mind the body's fragility. Yet she is able to attend to her appearance before being carried away by the whirlwind of time.